There is nothing profound about this project.  It’s a hoot, a plaything, a frivolous toy, a project that entertains and dazzles the imagination with no apparent long lasting value.  It’s futile, glitzy, glamorous, expensive to actually produce and outside the reasonable realms of possibility.  Unless... maybe, just maybe, you have an undiscovered gift for designing things like cars,  something of interest and pertinence in life.  If this project jolts something dormant in the recesses of who you are, perhaps you’ll discover a God-thing about you that should be nurtured for future use in His glorious kingdom.  Hang on!

Place holding photo for the forthcoming graphic works of students.


  1. 1.300 resolution in Photoshop

  1. 2.Image must fit a standardized frame size of your choice: 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, or 22x28.  Leave a significant boarder around your image area.  The size of the boarder will vary in proportion to the image and frame size.  It’s a matter of aesthetic opinion. 

  1. 3.Get images of cars.  This project is great after visiting a car show of some sort.  The North American Auto Show or any other car show is a great photo opportunity.  The lighting is perfect and your photographs will be ideal for this project.  If an auto show is not in your neighborhood at the time of this project, shoot photos of the family car.  This will be fun for the entire family.  If these are not viable options for you, get a few cool images of cars from the Internet.  Be sure to choose an image of the highest resolution as possible.

  1. 4.Experiment with the liquefy tool to deform and reform the body of the car of your choosing.

  1. 5.Change the background by finding an awesome scene in which you place the newly designed car.  The overall feel of this work will be seriously awesome.  On the other hand, you could aim toward being ridiculous or humorous.  Place your newly designed car in an extreme landscape.  Think Sci-Fi or subterranean, architectural, global or even cosmic.  The sky is not the limit on this.   You get it!

  1. 6.Scan your signature and insert it on your finished work.

  1. 7.Name your project exactly like this, but use your name of course: “JoeCilluffosCar.psd.”

  1. 8.Your best graphic is your next graphic.  Don’t stop.  Do this project again with a new twist.  Create an awesome mini van.  Yes, you heard me.  The world begs to see it.  The super moms of America are neglected, put down, and made fun of because they drive a very practical but ugly “minivan.”  It ain’t right!  Where’s your sense of justice?  Do the humanitarian thing, and elevate the Minivan-Moms of our world.  Give them a van worthy of their noble station in life.  After all, mother’s rule the world without thrones in laundry rooms and kitchens.  When seated behind the wheel of her way-cool van, maker her feel like a queen.  Honor her with the most awesomely designed minvan the world has ever seen. 


  1. 1.  Number of layers                           

  1. 2.  Color harmony

  1. 3.  Visual punch/tension

  1. 4.  Before and after

  1. 5.  Psychological impact

Place holding photos for the forthcoming graphic works of students.