Parents and students often ask for advice when buying a camera.  The big question is, “Which camera best suits my need for computer graphics classes?”  

These three guidelines should help you in the decision making process.


  1. 1. Expense? Generally speaking, more expensive cameras tend to have more features and take better pictures.  With this in mind, get all the features your budget allows.  Families typically spend between $50 to $1,500.  A few students have found great discounts on used cameras they’ve purchased online.  

  1. 2. Maturity? Always consider your student’s maturity level.  How well does your student take care of his or her stuff?  Does he take better care of items purchased with his personal funds?  I personally believe that students need to earn money for their expensive photographic equipment.  They tend to take better care of their cameras when they’ve paid for them. 

  1. 3. What brand?  The answer is different almost every time a new camera hits the market.  Google "camera reviews" to find the latest scoop about which brand is the best choice in your price range.  The current trend in high end SLR digital cameras favors Canon products.