Rom. 10:17 “Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.”

1Cor. 4:20 “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.”

Jn. 15:7 “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.”

Js. 2:26 “As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.”


Romans 4


  1. 1. Faith comes by _________________ according to Romans 10:17. 

  1. 2. The Greek word “rhema” refers to the living voice of God.  “Rhema” is His spoken word to our hearts which produces His faith in us. 

        T     F

  1. 3. What does the illustration of a rhododendron have to do with heart conditions and hearing God’s living word?

  1. 4. Jesus is the logos of God.   T     F

  1. 5. The written word of God in our Bibles has the potential to be the living word of God to our hearts.         

        T     F

  1. 6. Without faith it is _________________ to please God.

  1. 7. Faith and _________________ go together.  Faith requires __________________, because faith is futuristic.  (Same answer in both blanks)

    a) hope   b) time travel  c) believing  d) patience

  1. 8. Faith operates by willing power.  Ruth and Naomi would have naturally been outside of God’s family; instead, they became ancestors of Jesus Christ because of their holy ______________. 

   a) patience.  b) tenacity. c) willfulness. d) marriages.

  1. 9.  You will have everything you want when all you  ________ __ ________ ________.

  1. 10.  When we speak on God’s behalf and say what He is saying the angels listen and act upon it.   T     F

  1. 11. God spoke all things into being with His creative word.  Therefore, when His word is in our hearts and mouths, we too can speak things into being.  

        T     F

  1. 12. Faith operates by taking action according what God has spoken.  What did Hudson Taylor tell the ship’s captain to do?

  1. 13.  God never calls us to take actions that are greater than our current capabilities.   T     F

  1. 14.  When Moses was 40 years old he took action to be Israel’s deliver, and he failed.  When Moses was 80 years old he took action to be Israel’s deliver and succeeded.  Why?

  1. 15.  Faith and works are like the two train tracks.      

       T    F

  1. 16.  Complete this sentence.  If we truly believe a word of faith then our actions will ...

  1. 17.  Natural genetics determines who we resemble and even how we behave.  This is also true of our spiritual genetics (being born again into the family of God).  

        T     F

  1. 18.  God is so forgiving that when Israel missed God’s perfect timing to go in and possess the Promised Land (Num 14) that He over looked it and let them succeed the next day.  

        T     F

  1. 19.  What did God speak to Joe Cilluffo when he was on the roof attempting to repair the chimney?

  1. 20.  It is never good enough to believe God’s word.  We must (more than one answer)

        a) be willful about it.  b) write it.  c) confess it. 

        d) take actions.  e) forget it.

  1. 21.  Faith operates when faith grows.  It increases.  What did the disciples say when Jesus told them offenses would come and they needed to forgive their offenders? 

  1. 22.  What is the potential of one acorn, given time and proper growing conditions?

  1. 23. Faith works by love.  How is love as strong as death? (S.S. 8:6)



  1. 1.Create and cherish a list of living words from the Lord.

Make a list of living words of faith which God has spoken to you personally.  These are words that you know, beyond any doubt, that God imself has planted in your mind and in your heart.  These words become beliefs and convictions from which there is no escape.  His personal words of faith magnetically compel us forward and upward in our relationship with Him. 

  1. 2. What’s in YOUR hand?

Bezaleel and Alohiab (OT artisans) had toolboxes.  A few disciples had boats and fishnets.  Judas has a bag of money, and Moses had a staff.  God puts the perfect implements in our hands and directs us to use these things for His purposes.  What has God put in your hands?  How might He direct you to use your talents and tools for His Kingdom purposes?  Prayerfully journal along this stream of thought and see what words of faith the Lord may speak.  


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