Edgy Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Redundancy has dulled our minds, numbed our hearts

and fertilized seasonal apathy.  What’s it all about anyhow?  Right, Jesus came to earth as a baby boy.  Cliques like, “Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, Best Wishes and Have a nice time over eating and over drinking over Jesus’ incarnation” are all so last dispensation.  Revival is on its way and your “new reality” Christmas card better light the way, or your grades will plummet as quickly as tinsel is trashed when the Christmas tree comes down.  Ho, ho, ho!.  Come on! 

Sanctified Sassiness!

There is such a thing as sanctified sassiness.  Think about the instigating words of Elijah when he taunted the prophets of Baal.  What about Paul’s cutting words when berating the legalistic Jews, “I would that they were even cut off...”  Ho, ho, ho!  Even the sanctified Son of Man/Son of God instigated quite a stir whenever He spoke.  His words cocked the trigger-itchy tongues of those who did not understand His love motive to save all who would believe. 

Using Sanctified Sassiness to Intrigue and Awaken!

Juxtapose classic Christmas imagery with contemporary spicy words.  Or, you can use classic words with shocking imagery.  Jesus used classic symbols to communicate.  He illustrated truth with seeds, oil lamps, grapes and doors.  His words were sassy yet sanctified.  Remember, He only said what He heard the Father say.  How did the people react?  “We’ve never heard anyone speak like this!”  Oh.... How cool would it be heart the recipients of your greeting cards say, “Wow... I never though of Christmas like that before.”  There’s much value in shock value.  If you don’t do shocking miracles as promised by the Lord, then at least create shocking Christmas cards to awaken your audience from the stupor of a cultural Christmas.  Do it for Christ’s sake!  Amen!

Marry sassy words and images to Merry your Christmas!

There was no room in the inn, will you let Him in?

Jesus was born in a food trough and is the bread of life!  Eat it!

How happy were the lambs to see the true Passover Lamb?

He came, He comes, He’s coming!

I can’t go there yet, so He comes here!

There’s no room for Him in the inn, but He makes room for me in Him.

Born a Man like me, Died a Criminal for me, Rose a Savior ever to be in me.

His journey from cradle to cross, a pattern to me, for maturity.