Metivier Trellis 16x20, 24x24, 36x48


Periwinkle Porch 16x20                            Cornflower Door in Orange 16x20 


Island Bikes #1  24x24                                                      Island Bikes #2  24x24


Island Bikes #3  24x24                                                        Turret & Trees 24x24


Fort View from Docks #2  24x24                                         Fort View from Docks #1  24x24


Island View From Docks 24x24                                            Round Island Lighthouse Impression


Metivier Garden 24x24                                                           Metivier Garden 16x20

The “Metiever Garden” painting is an example of the same composition formatted in two size options.

Painting size and proportions are limitless, as well as color palette preferences as seen above. 


Rowboats 1 - 24x24 and 16x20                                         Rowboats 1 - 16x20 and 24x24


Cottage Inn - 24x24 and 16x20                                            Germanium Porch - 24x24 and 16x20



Grand Hotel      24x24 and 16x20                                     Grand Hotel - 24x24 and 16x20


Harbor Beach Light  - 24x24 and 16x20                          Cloghaun B&B  - 24x24 and 16x20


Lilac Tree Hotel - 24x24 and 16x20                                  Mackinac Main Street - 24x24 and 16x20


Mackinac Sail Boats - 24x24 and 16x20                               Cloghaun B&B - 24x24 and 16x20


Harbor View - 24x24 and 16x20                                      Pointe AuBarques - 16x20


South Manitou Lighthouse 16x20                                   Harbor Beach 24x24


Coneflower Door   16x20                                                   Mailbox Door 16x20


Pointe Duchane - 16x20                                                                      Windemere Porch - 16x20        


Mackinac Boat Race - 24x24                                                 Mackinac Harbor - 24x24


Savannah 1 - 16x20                                                           Savannah 2 - 16x20


Savannah 3 - 16x20                                                           Savannah 4 - 16x20


Cotswold Cottage 1 - 16x20                                                Cotswold Cottage 2


Butterflies 16x20                                                                 Crystal Lake Boats 16x20


Windemere & Library 16x20                                               Grand Hotel 16x2

Detroit Home 24x48



Commission Cilluffo to create a legacy original of your home.

Randy & Kat’s Home

Bill & Jan’s Home

Tony & Rosie’s Home - Photoshopped Image for their personal Christmas card

Phone or Text Joe at 586.215.9050 or email Joe at

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Every original painting is available in the sizes listed below.

11x14 canvas -  $125

16x20 canvas -  $275

24x24 canvas -  $375

24x36 canvas -  $450

36x36 canvas -  $475

36x48 canvas -  $500

Each composition is printed on canvas and transformed into an original

as Joe overlays it with fresh colors and textures of acrylic paint. Prices may vary depending on Joe’s perceived value of each original.  Multiple purchase discounts are always an incentive for friendly pricing. 

Contact Joe at 586.215.9050 or email at

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