Ferryboat vantage point views of...
Mackinac Bridge (day or night)
Round Island Lighthouse 
Wet pebbles or stones
Shoreline panoramic and zoom shots
Architectural details
Horse face, horse.... 
Horse breath
Buggies plus
Carriage ride perspectives of sites
Walk-by pedestrian shots
Stranger portraits (paparazzi fun)
Flashlight portraits
Daylight cityscapes 
Nighttime cityscapes
Arched Rock
Grand Hotel angles
Bikes and bike racks
Bird’s eye view of...
Worm’s eye view of...
Metivier Gardens 
Three or more porches
Wooded path
Wild flowers
White picket fence plus
Harbor boats & docks
Ferry docks
One-point perspective - vanishing point 
Mackinac Fort
Staged portraits of friends
Puddle reflections
People eating
A monument

The above paintings were inspired by photos taken while chilling 
on the Island with OCS students.

The photos below are a few examples from the 
3,000 photos taken over a two day Island stay.

Shoot well and your photos will appear on this webpage.