Christian Formation 

 Project Plan

This project is unique because it stems from who you are according to God’s design, both naturally and spiritually.  

He is letting you take a journey of Christian Formation from birth to glory.  Surely you will pass from this life into the next one day.  We have to ask; what is the Father’s expected end for you and how will you get there?  What experiences will grow you into the man or woman of God that He purposes?  There are many good generalizations that answer this question … like… You are to be like Jesus.  There are also many specific answers that come by meeting with Him in prayer.  I often ask myself one question that always inspires me give my full attention to Christ-like formation in my life.  If you were to die today, what would I regret the most?  I imagine myself in the presence of the Lord and presenting the fruit of my life before Him on Judgment Day.  I this turns you off, perhaps you’ve not been turned on to how personal and real Brother Jesus can be in your life.  We have the same Father.  We take after Him.  How cool is that!  Eat it!  

Christ-like formation is a spiritual growth process.  We develop from who we are today in our spiritual growth to who we will be according to God’s blueprint.  It’s a spiritual version of how we’ve developed physically from the time you were in 2nd grade until now.   The many changes in your body changed how you think.  It’s the same way when we accept Christ into our everyday lives.  He alters our thinking.  Oh, by the way, the Devil has a plan for your life as well – it’s hell.  It’s good to know that!  

God way is to progressively transform us by renewing our minds as He speaks words of His faith into our lives (“The just shall live by His faith”). Faith is always demonstrated in our walk.  Faith is not Christian fairy dust, or a cranial spark of light.  True faith always expresses itself in how we live everyday life.  No theological foo-foo here!  We’re keeping it real!  This search will lead to meaningful insights and your spiritual growth.  We expect holy, catalytic sparks to catapult us into new experiences with the Lord. 

THE MISSION									

  YOUR PURPOSE in this challenging adventure is to:

Spiritually mature

2)	Enrich and fuel others in their knowledge and pursuit of God - a noble mode of living.  The body of Christ edifies (builds up) itself just as our natural body organs and systems are wired to orchestrate life, and perpetuate life … always.  Life is God’s default operating system.  It’s God’s way in your body, and His way in our OCS body. 
YOUR LEGACY that you leave for future OCS students and others.  If your project is recordable, it will included in a growing library of excellent student Bible projects, perpetuate truth, and build the kingdom of God. 

  YOUR GRADE depends on this project.  No sweating allowed (See Ezek. 44:18).  God always empowers with mercy, grace and faith to do His work! 

  YOUR ASSIGNMENT OPPORTUNITY!  This is not a typical assignment-hoop that you “have-to” jump through.  It’s an awesome privilege “you get to do”! 

This is true Christianity, wherein you get to discover a truth, become that truth and impart the truth to others.  Christian maturity is born out of a growing relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Servant, Child, Son, Friend, Bride) God designed life as a journey, not only from the cradle to the coffin, but a journey to Christian maturity, completeness and perfection. Out of this relationship we find our purpose and direction for this project.  We must do the praying to do the project.  We must hear from God, have an indication from Him as to what He’ll have us study, produce and present.  (Remember, the book of James is all about doing the faith.  Also remember, the operation of faith is hearing God’s voice, believing Him, and acting upon what He has said and is saying. 
Our lives are designed to be lives of sharing, teaching, reaching, impartinggiving the good stuff of God’s to others.


Your project should impact your life because you have discovered something new about maturing in Christ.  

Your project should impact the lives of everyone in class and possibly beyond.  Peer evaluations follow every presentation.

Your project requires research (websites, books, experts).  You will turn in a bibliography of at least 5 sources.
Your project must be documented in this packet of leading questions.

Your project must have reproducible elements (CD, DVD, handouts, website, manufactured product, etc.).


This step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank form organizes your thoughts as you consider the importance of your message/project, as you 
Get your message (Talk to God about your study topic choice

Become your message (Discovery of self in Christ/Christ in you)
Package your message (Presentation format)

Share your message.  This assignment is about growing up and becoming God’s message and then delivering God’s message.  Delivery should be a natural and a supernatural outflow of your God-given passion – your Jesus-Cool factor.

1.  Discovering your Project topic :
Christian Formation is a process that involves very pleasant and very unpleasant, even costly experiences. 
Peruse the four category lists below and prayerfully let the Lord select your topic.  He’s good at choosing for us.  “Not my will…”  
He will often drawn us to a topic that we most enjoy, most need, know the most about, or even know the least about.
May the Lord spark His holy fire and enlighten you.  This is the most important step in your project study. Check your topic box.

A. Pleasant Experiences (How do pleasant experiences foster Christian maturity?)
Transformations by Love (“Beauty And The Beast” when the beast was changed into a handsome dude!) Yeah!
Sweet-Spot Living (A mode of living in the center of God’s will… “on track, in your zone, on your game.”)
Mountaintop Experiences (Three Hebrews in Babylon, Elizabeth’s Song, David’s Song Ps. 18)
B.  Painful Experiences (How do painful experiences foster Christian maturity?)
Marred in The Potter’s Hand					 
Circumcision of Heart
Pressures From Without
Pressures From Within – Divine and Disgusting
Drying Out – On The Shelf 					 
Spiritual Warfare

C. Maturation Experiences (How does this principle of maturation work in our lives?)
Pleasurable & Painful – Preparations of Heart			 
Pleasurable & Painful - Water of the Word
Pleasurable & Painful - The Fire & Furnace 
Pleasurable & Painful – Choices Determine Eternity
Pleasurable & Painful – Influences – Friendships			
Pleasurable & Painful – Influences – Life Experiences
Pleasurable & Painful – Influences – Educations			 
Pleasurable & Painful – Influences – Family – Childhood
Pleasurable & Painful – Renewing Of Your Mind	 
Pleasurable & Painful – Original Sin – Original Goodness
Pleasurable & Painful – Gardening – Parable Of Soils		 
Pleasurable & Painful – Metamorphosis of the Monarch	

D. Bible Character Biographical Study (What influenced their spiritual maturation?)
Jacob to IsraeL, David, Joshua, Job
Abram to Abraham		 
Saul to Paul		 
Cephas to Peter			 
Elijah, Elisha, Gehazi 	
King Saul, Esther	, Joseph, Son of Jacob, John the Beloved

2. TOPIC: 
State your topic in the form of a question that you will answer through your study, your paper and your presentation.


This is your personal treasure hunt! Move forward with your Christian Formation topic by hunting down relevant resources. (Books, pastors, leaders, peer survey, Internet research, etc.)  List your projected resources below.  (Only 5 are required while more resources often provide richer insights.)

You are on an adventurous journey of discovering the secrets to Spiritual Maturity.  God will meet with you according to your hunger for Him.  He said, “I will pour water on the thirsty.  He said, “If you draw close to me I will draw close to you.”  Be that person!  Yeah!
What is the one central truth of your message?  It’s the answer to your question from #2.  Nail it!  With a few concise words, write out your single key to Christian Formation.  Note: Creative catchphrases leave lasting impressions… lasting is good! (Juicy nuggets, Color me Jesus, Walk-it-Out, DUI, Sweet-Spot Living)  Your message statement will clarify as you devour truth during researching. 

5.  VISION: The Take-a-Way Blessing:  List 2 affects do you imagine this project having on those who hear it? 




  The eyes of the Lord are looking for those who love Him. 

1.  PRAY to hear God’s word of faith for your project. 

There is never a substitute for meeting with God, especially when laboring to do His will.  In reality, He may be more excited about this project than we are.  Let’s get on board with Him, co-labor, and be hooked up with Him in this adventure.  Pray to hear your word of faith (Rom. 10:17).  Get your direction from the Lord for your project. The personal direction of the Holy Spirit is essential in the choices you’ll make.  Life is a string of choices and consequences that carry over into eternity.

3.  BELIEVE the Lord’s word of faith to your heart.

Where there was a lack of believing, Jesus didn’t do many great works.  Let’s believe Him.  He loves us and is giving perfect direction to become the message He wants us to speak.  Side note: Quite often God blesses His messengers with the very message He wants them to become.  When you ARE the message, you’re far more believable to your audience.  That’s how Jesus and others lived out their messages and ministries.  Yippee!  Your turn!  

4.  ACT upon the directive word that God provides.

As we’ve read in James, “Faith without works is dead.”  James 4:17 warns us, “…to him who knows to do good, and doesn’t do it, to him it is sin.”  Ouch!  Don’t go there.  Acting upon the direction God provides means being engaged and zealous.  The doers of the word are just before God, James tells us.  You see, it’s like this, “If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God ...”  Jesus said that in John 7:17.  In the Gospels alone, Jesus told the disciples to “Go and…” do something about twenty times.  He wants us to act upon what we hear Him saying.  We’re called to be a people of action, first in prayer to gain direction, then by believing enough to do the doing of His word.  You’ve heard it said, “Practice makes perfect.”  Well the fact is that practice makes permanent!  This applies to both good and evil “doings” in our lives. 

5.  Give us the truth you OWN.

Your message should not be a theory but a reality (a practice) in your life.  A message born out of your relationship with God is evident by how you live it out.  The most gifted speaker is vaporous when his words are not backed with God’s power and proof of truth in the messenger’s life.  Be the message and we’ll get it!  Remember, a message created in your head will touch our heads, and a message birthed in your heart will touch our hearts. 
 Show us what you WANT to own, the attainable carrot.   Cast YOUR vision in our hearts!

As we study God’s word, it changes us.  It also shows us great truths that we may not yet possess.  We see the character of Christ that we want.  Cast your vision of spiritual maturity, so that we are motivated to reach beyond our present state of Christian growth.  This is good!  Remember, we are gatherers.  We gather stuff, ideas, and most significantly we only gather what we want.  Make us want more of Jesus… Christ in us is our only hope of genuine glory!  Keep us reaching!  Get the message; be the message; empower us with your message.  Amen!


 Target Your Audience								
Who is your audience?  (You will do your presentation for our class as well as the intended audience.) 

Middle School, Bible class
Grades K-5
Youth Group
Sunday School
Jr. & Sr. Bible Class
Chapel (HS, MS) 

 Ways To Reach Your Audience					
Which of the following presentation methods fit your topic, personality, giftedness and our audience?  For example, puppets and kinesthetic experiences are great for elementary groups, while multi-media presentations suit all ages. 
Use as many of these teaching techniques as possible.  This empowers you to reach your audience Fill in the blanks with a sketchy plan. 
  Power Point or Key 
  Interactive Engagement/games   
  Object Lessons
  Personal experiences 
  Scientific facts   
  Behavioral research 
  Latest publications (articles, news releases, research finding)	
  Demonstrate the truth with object lessons and or miracles	
  Sing the truth 
  Diagram the truth using charts or illustrations 
  Personalized Details That Make Your Presentation Memorable 

     hook, book, look, took	

	What is your target? Aim to hit your target with truth.

	Use an audio/visual presentation, a probing question, a funny story, an object lesson, stunning sounds and sights to grab your audience.  Be sure your introductory antics relate directly to your topic: 
	Tell your audience of their dire need for the truth you are selling. Write out a do or die statement.	

	Write out and say the central point in one clear sentence. (Hab.2:2)
	List of support-Scriptures from several books of the Bible 

Lead your listeners into digging deeper into truth about Christian growth.  Shoot for that one eye-opener, the ah-ha factor, the “Wow!  I didn’t know that before today,” moment in your presentation.  Jesus did it by using ordinary stuff and everyday life experiences to illustrate profound truth.  He imparted deep truth and empowerment with shocking words and object lessons like wheat, water, grape vines, lilies, seeds, bread, doors, and wine.   Be a minister who graciously leads his audience into the joy of discovery.  This is so Jesus-Cool!  Do it! 

Set up a meeting with Dr. Cilluffo at least three days before your scheduled presentation date to polish your ministry. 
You’ll receive a grade for the thoroughness of your presentation outline (at least 3 pages).


I.  	  HOOK (Your amazing attention getting trick)
II.   BOOK (Your key Scriptures)
III.	  LOOK (Your progressive unfolding of revelatory truth)
IV.	  TOOK (Your conclusion – the take-a-way truth)

	Drive home the absolute need for the truth you’ve shared by repeating it with different words.  Impact your audience. 
	Real-world Applications 
People care what you have to say: 
if you care about them 
if your message is useful.)
     Ask the all-important question(s) and supply the answers that will change lives.  
Do you see your deep need for this truth/behavior?
How can this truth/behavior become a part of your life?
What is holding you back from embracing this truth/behavior?		  
What steps will you take to acquire this truth/behavior?	

  Concluding prayer! 


I have read and agree to the Prayer Project parameters herein, inasmuch as I have filled in the blanks to clarify my vision and strategic plan.  My sincere intent is to execute this plan in the timely manner delineated in the timeline above.  Any deviation from said plan, due to purposeful thoughts or extenuating circumstance, necessitates collaborative adjustments with the approval and encouragement of the instructor of this class.  The undersigned willingly profess their sincere desire before God and others to enter into this Christian education agreement for the purpose of building the kingdom of God (and getting a good grade) through the nurturing of the unique spiritual gifts and natural talents bestowed by the Almighty Creator, Our Heavenly Father, the Son of God Who demonstrated the way, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit along the way. 

On this ___________ day of _______________________, 2009, the year of the Lord, 
we, the undersigned, agree to the afore said stuff.

Teacher Signature: __________________________________________________

Student Signature: __________________________________________________