Photoshop Animation





Be Aware

This way cool animation has the following general limitations:

Files size – under 300 kb to work on a typical cell phone

Animation may not work on all cell phones but its totally awesome on your computer


Create a new doc in Photoshop

Resolution of 1

Canvas size 240x320 pixels

Save as “Name-Animation”

Create a new layer

Create a shape using any of the marquee tools

Fill the shape using the paint bucket or gradient tool

Deselect the shape

Duplicate the layer

Move the shape to another position on the screen

Select Window, select Animation

Change the view option as seen below

Select “Forever” as seen below

Select Frame Animation in the lower right corner of the Animation Window

Select the first frame in the Animation Window, change its time to 1 sec.

Duplicate that first frame

Change the layer’s visibility by turning off the previous layer(s) in the layers palette

Duplicate your top layer and creatively alter it

Duplicate the last animation frame

Turn all layers off except for the newly altered top layer

Repeat this process as much as you’d like.


Select File > Save for Web & Device (Select the file location)

Locate the file and right click

Open with > Safari

If you have the AT&T cell phone provider follow these instructions to email your animation to yourself:

Open your email

Type your phone number in this format:

Research other provider email addresses.