Receiving the Truth
Becoming the Truth
Spreading the Truth 

Truth is the Person of Jesus Christ, 
The Son of Father God, filled with the Holy Spirit.

As we study the book of Romans, we’ll explore other portions of the Bible that parallel the Truth embodied in Romans.  Thus, we’ll gain a more comprehensive understanding of the Lord’s heart and ways.  To those who have eyes to see, He is unveiled throughout Scripture - the Old and New Testaments.  To those who have eyes to see, He is waiting to be discovered in the applications of Truth into our daily lives.    

We’ll discover Truth by observing, interpreting and applying God’s Word to life.  Ideally, we’ll allow Truth to penetrate our minds and hearts, transforming us from the inside out!  May we embrace this challenge of becoming new creatures in Christ.  

REMEMBER, what the law could never do, as a prescription for outward behavior, the indwelling Holy Spirit accomplishes every day as we offer ourselves as living sacrifices.  

   ROMANS 1                        

Acts 9 - Paul’s conversion and visit to Jerusalem
Acts 22-23 - Paul’s testimony
Judges 1-6 - The cycle of God’s people turning from Him and returning to Him.

CHALLENGE 1 Paul’s Conversion
What do you find outstanding about Paul’s conversion?  How do you identify with his religiousness and his salvation experience?

CHALLENGE 2  Cycles Of Crying Out To God
Explain the all-to-common cycle of Israel’s spiritual journey, and how this is typical of all of us throughout the ages.  Write only a half-page answer to this question. 

   ROMANS 2            

Genesis 17 - The covenant of circumcision
Josh 5 - Circumcision at Gilgal 
Deuteronomy 10:16, 30:5-7 - Circumcision of heart
Jeremiah 4:4 - Circumcise yourselves

CHALLENGE  The Truth About Circumcision
Write one probing question for each of the four Bible readings listed above.  Ask sincere questions that arise from the reading.  Then answer each of the questions in a sentence or two.  You may have to do some supplementary bible study to acquire thorough answers.  There’s extra credit in this for.  

   ROMANS 3                    

2Samuel 12 - Nathan’s convicting visit to King David
Psalm 51- David’s heart attitudes expressed when Nathan gave him God’s word.
Psalm 14 - No one does good
David is a man remember for: defeating Goliath, conquering Jerusalem, serving under the nasty leadership of King Saul, who wanted to kill him, receiving the plans for the Temple, and adultery with Bathsheba.

After this David’s life and the judgments of God upon him are a picture of: David’s heart after God, God’s righteous judgement against him, David’s proper response to God’s word through Nathan, God’s corrective process, God’s heart to restore and
David’s greater writing ministry

 CHALLENGE 1  David’s Conviction
Answer one of the following questions:
1.  How do these events apply to your life? 
 How have you experienced these events in your journey with the Lord? 
 Are the judgments of God in your life totally avoidable? 

CHALLENGE 2  The Law Established
Answer the following questions in the OCS essay format.  Be real and thorough in your answers.
1.  Are the OT Ten Commandments included in the NT? 
2.  What differences exist between the OT and the NT Laws of God?  
3.  God gave the OT Law, and everything He does is perfect, why then did He institute the NT?

   ROMANS 4                    

Galatians 3 - Faith, the Law and the Holy Spirit
Genesis 12:1-8 - Abram called by God
Genesis 15 - God’s covenant with Abram 
Genesis 21- Birth of Isaac, Ishmael and Hagar sent away
Genesis 22 - Abraham tested

CHALLENGE  Abraham’s Faith Journey
Write one paragraph that tells the story of Abraham’s faith journey with God.  Was Abraham always a man of faith?  How did He become the father of faith?  What do you believe happened in his heart and mind that transformed his thinking and behavior? 

   ROMANS 5             

Ruth 1-4 - A redemption story

CHALLENGE  Our Redemption
Answer this question in a one page paper. 
How is this redemption story a picture of Christ’s redemption of us?  Draw many analogies from this awesome story that parallel our redemption as the bride of Christ.  Look into the lineage of Ruth and the generations that come from her marriage with Boaz.  

   ROMANS 6                    

Read Romans six twice every day this week.

CHALLENGE 1 Assimilating Romans Six
Meditate on Romans 6 as you read and reread this great chapter.  Make a list of your observations and interpretations.

CHALLENGE 2  Digging Deeper
Visit at least 3 Bible study websites and read what commentators have to say about this doctrinal and practical chapter.  Whatever you discover through your research be sure to write in the right column of your dig sheets.  Include each website’s address.

CHALLENGE  3 Applying The Truth
What practical applications from Romans 6 do you want to introduce into your daily life?

   ROMANS 7                 

Psalm 119 - The Many Facets Of God’s Law

CHALLENGE  The Heart of the Law
Create a list of the broad characteristics of the law that are so well portrayed in the Psalm 119.  Interestingly, Psalm 119 is acrostic and was used as a text to teach young children how to read. 

   ROMANS 8                

Deuteronomy 20 - When Israel goes to battle
Psalm 18 - David’s attitude in victory
2Samuel 23 - David’s last words, the list of his mighty men
2Kings 19 - Hezekiah’s prayer and Isaiah’s prophesies about Sennacherib
Revelation 12 - The dragon versus Michael and his angels, vs. 11 focus

CHALLENGE Victorious Living
A major theme of Romans is victory over every enemy.  We are more than conquerors through Christ.  
In each of these Bible readings we see God’s people gaining the victory.  
How did that happen in each of these five portions of Scripture?  In other words, what contributed to God’s people winning victory over their enemies?  Answer these questions for each portion of the chapters.  And finally answer this concluding question: What do all of these portions of Scripture have in common. 

   ROMANS 9                    

Luke 3 - Jesus’ genealogy, the unlikely,  non-Jewish progenitors of Jesus 
Malachi 1:2, Obadiah. 1:18 - Jacob loved and Esau hated
Psalm 139 - What do you learn about how deeply God’s knows you? (See Jeremiah 1 as an example of God’s personal interest and call upon a life)
Deuteronomy 28 - If you....

CHALLENGE  Mercy Or Wrath 
After reading Jesus’ sorted genealogy we know that God uses all sorts of people, Jews and non-Jews.  After reading Psalm 139, we know that God knows everything about us.  After reading Malachi 1:2 and Obadiah 1:18, we know that He loves some more than others.  God shows mercy on whoever He chooses.   
As you read Deuteronomy, focus on the “if you” pivotal clauses of Deuteronomy 28.  Here you will discover God’s qualifications, His rubric, His standards by which He determines who gets the mercy and who gets the corrective wrath.  His responses to our choices in the “ifs” of life are huge.  According to Deuteronomy 28, what determines if God will show mercy or wrath to an individual?

  ROMANS 10            

Isaiah 65 - Choices And Consequences
Deuteronomy 30 - Life and death choices as a result of hearing and heeding God’s word
Hebrews 11 - Each of these heros heard a word from the Lord which became faith in them as they responded to God’s by believing.

CHALLENGE 1  God’s Heart And Responses To Our Choices
Create two lists of what God says He will do - one list of blessings and one list of punitive corrections.  You see, God allows His called people to make many choices in life, and then He allows those choices to unfold in blessings or troubles.  

Deuteronomy 30:11-14 tells us that faith is not a far off mysterious thing that is beyond our reach; Hebrews 11 is an abbreviated list of the Heroes of Faith.  
Answer the following question: What is the connection between Deuteronomy 30 and Hebrews 11?  Please set aside some quiet time to meditate on the beautiful truths of these chapters in conjunction with Romans 10. 

   ROMANS 11                    

1Kings 19 - Only Elijah and no other worshippers ...
Isaiah 5:1-7 - The Lord’s vineyard
John 15:1-17 - Every branch in Jesus

CHALLENGE Being Connected
Why shouldn’t the Gentiles boast as though they were better than the Jews?
Explain the analogies of vines and branches from Isaiah 5 and John 15. 

   ROMANS 12   
1Corinthians 13 - Love Is Sacrificial Paul writes about surrendering his body to the flames - sacrifice of self.
Romans  7:4-6  “...the motions of sins”
Revelation 6  “...souls of them that were slain for the word of God...” 

CHALLENGE  Being The Sacrifice
The Christians in Revelation 7 will be martyred.  What’s similar about being a martyred sacrifice and being a living sacrifice?  To honestly answer this question, empathetically place yourself in Revelation 7 and imagine your though processes. If this kind of radical living grips your heart, you will most likely enjoy the “Jesus Freaks” books.  They wonderfully reveal the thoughts and hearts of those who’ve lived and died sacrificially for Christ’s sake.  

   ROMANS 13 

1Samuel 24 - David spares Saul, his authority and persecutor.
Luke 7:1-10 - The Centurion’s servant healed
1Corinthian 13 - Love’s ultimate power and expressions

CHALLENGE 1  Authority
What did David and The Centurion both understand about God’s order of authority?
Why is love the ultimate fulfillment of the every Law of God, OT and NT? 

CHALLENGE 2  Love In Words And Actions
Please meditate on this central issue of love and ask yourself, is God’s love in me and flowing through me to others?  Are my words always coming from a love motivation?  Do my actions prove or disprove that I’m loving others as Christ loves them? As God is becoming the supreme love of our lives these questions become easier to answer.  

   ROMANS 14                       

1Pet. 2 Relationships within the body of Christ
Deuteronomy 1:1-18 Judges resolve disputes between the brethren
Romans 12:15-17 - Relating to one another
1 Thessalonians 3:11-13 - Abounding in love 
Deuteronomy 25:1-3 - The role of the judges in Israel

CHALLENGE  Biblical Patters for Conflict Resolutions
Think of a situation in your life, a situation in your church, your school, or home in which conflicts arise.  After reading these five sections of Scripture, what solutions do believe God has for resolving conflicts.  Please create a list of conflict resolutions from each of the five Bible readings.

   ROMANS 15                    

Psalm 133  - How good for brethren to live together
Ephesians 4 - One body of many members functioning in the unity of the Spirit
Isaiah 11 - Prophesy of the Messiah

CHALLENGE 1 Getting Along
According to Psalm 133 and Ephesians 4, what does it take for Christians to get alone and live in unity?  

What aspects of Isaiah 11 coincide with Romans 15:14-22?

   ROMANS 16                

1Corinthians 12 - The many members of the Body of Christ 
Jude - Warnings against the evil ones who are like blemishes in our love feasts.
Numbers 16 - Korah, Dathan and Abiram swallowed up, Moses intercedes for Israel

CHALLENGE 1  Your Place In The Body Of Christ
Answer this one question after reading 1Corinthians 12:  How has God designed you to function in the body of Christ?  Into what part of the body are you growing?

CHALLENGE 2  Updating The Picture Of Truth
Gather in small groups of 3-5 people and create a quick skit that demonstrates the truth embodies in Jude and Numbers 16.  You may portray what is literally written or you may update the scenarios, making your storyline contemporary.  Remember, we already know the Bible stories.  Therefore your job is to make the story applicable in our lives for today.  Have fun!