syllabus quiz 
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God’s Way of Design is 
  Not for everyone
  Intelligent Design
  Only seen in animals and wild life
  None of the above

 Creation demonstrates God character.  T     F

 Quenching our thirst for God’s beauty comes by discovering the Truth about beauty’s secrets of order from chaos, resolve from tension, and unity from diversity.
  I highly doubt it.
  Of course
  I’ll get back with you on that.

 Creation is
  Only appreciated by those who like to camp out. 
  A visual language
  Pretty cool
  Plagued with mosquitos 

 There are a few places on earth where the Creator’s work is not evident at all.     
    T      F

 Creation resonates the life principles of intelligent design.   T     F

 Adam’s fall distorted God’s perfect design of Creation.    Yep     Nope

 Our perception of creation is seen through 
  The lenses of our fallen nature
  The eyes of God
  The eyes of our personal preferences
  All of the above apply to someone somewhere at sometime in their life-journey. 
  None of the above ever.

 God enlightens our eyes to see Him in creation as we grow our relationship with Him.  We increasingly see life through His eyes.  
  This is not realistic.
  I’ll get back with you on this.

 Who are the regular guys of Israel’s journey in the wilderness?
  Moses, Joshua and Caleb
  The Egyptians
  The Israelites in the wilderness who complained

 Who had seen the acts of God but did not known the ways of God?
  Israel in the wilderness
  John the Baptist, not John the Evangelical 

 We are God’s creation, and He is currently doing His creative work in our lives.  (2 answers)
  Not this week
  For sure
  Only if we comply with His leadings.

 Dr. Cilluffo’s one rule is
  Be on time.
  Be good.
  Be engaged.
  Be quiet. 

 Why are the five categories of your grade weighted equally? (2 answers)
  It makes calculating your final grade a whole lot easier
  It’s arbitrary.
  I don’t care as long as I get an easy “A” grade.
  The goal is to develop a life-style habit of being faithful in all of our responsibilities.
  Little inconsistencies cause major consequences in anyone’s life; therefore everything we do, whether small or great, is important in the eyes of God, who will surely bring each of us before Him on Judgement Day.  Whatsoever a student sows he shall surely reap and in the end it’s either pass or fail, heaven or hell, eternal rewards and good times in Heaven or a horrible, antagonizing torturous time engulfed in the flames of Hell.  Have a nice day!  :-}} 

 Why were five of the virgins not allowed to party?
  They did have party clothes.
  They were out of town.
  They were not invited.
  They were late.

 When it comes to classroom rules
  You have to memorize the OCS handbook for the next quiz.
  You should write your own rules and live by them like a good secular humanist who fully embraces spiritual relativity.
  Always chew gum and swallow it before leaving the class.
  You already know right from wrong and the choice is yours minute by minute. 

 One of the Psalmists actually tells us that God will perfect that which concerns us.   Right on!      Not so!

 Your commitment to the Christian culture at OCS should include:
  Being bad in private so that you don’t influence others.  That’s a nice thing to do if you are a hypocrite.  
  Keeping secrets about the bad language, dirty minds, drinking and smoking addictions of fellow students
  Never telling on someone and being jerk, a social outcast with no friends, a dweeb, a total looser... dah
  Holding my fellow students to the highest stands of Christian love, character and morality... dah

 If I respect myself I am more likely to respect others.   Yes, this is true.     Probably never.

 Jesus must have been joking when He told us to be perfect like our Father in heaven is perfect, because He knew perfectly well that we take after our earthly parents and not our Heavenly Father.   
 Jesus meant what He said, and He knew that perfection meant that we can be “complete” at our current stage of development.”  He was serious.
 Jesus, being human while He was also God, was surely exaggerating.  Just because He overcame sin does not mean that we can overcome sin.  Give me a break!   We have to sin every single day of our lives, because of the Fall.