Exploring The Diverse Aspects Of Our

Hanging out with God is the most important thing we’ll ever do.  Wow!  This introspective exercise leads us to discover our individuality, our natural way of meeting with God, and perhaps how we might kick it up a notch.  This is really, really important, isn’t it?  Help us Dear Lord to be excessively transparent with you, so that we will grow in our relationship with YOU! 

Your answers will obviously be different than anyone else’s.  Are yours right and theirs wrong?  
By the way, you may mark more than one answer per question.  

1.	What location best fits your special time with the Lord?
  My room             
  Snuggled in a tent			
  Perched in a tree while hunting
2.	Most of my prayers are
  Fairly normal conversation			  

3.	Most of my prayers are
  Mostly listening and minimal talking
  Nodding and dozing 	  
  Spells of awkward silence	  
  Mostly talking and some listening

4.	I mostly pray
  Out loud when I’m alone	  
  Silently if others are around
  Silently even when I’m alone	  
  By journaling. I write my prayers. 
  In an outrageously loud demonstrative manner regardless of who is nearby, because I don’t give a rip about what anyone thinks.  Just like Jesus prayed at Lazarus’ tomb! 
  Explain yourself if it helps clarify your answer.

5.	I mostly pray
  Laying down 
  In a Yoga position		  

6.	I mostly pray about
  World Peace			  
  Impoverished children of the world, Detroit, and Pontiac
  Self-righteous Christians	  

7.	My prayers include 
  Yippee attitudes (God, You’re my hero!)
  Gimmie attitudes (I need, I need…gimmie, gimme, please gimmie)
  Pity parties that no one else will attend   
  Curiosities - questions about stuff
  Instructions for God to carry out on my behalf, intending to help Him solve my problems, the paramount issues of my current social life and my future
  Prayers against people, politics, churches, missionaries, daily life situations
  Prayers for people, politics, churches, missionaries, daily life situations

8.	I pray about
  God’s choice for a life partner		 seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Friendships				               seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Sibling relationships			        seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  College					        seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Overcoming wrong behaviors		 seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Overcoming wrong attitudes		 seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Employment				        seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  OCS Teachers and Administrators    seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Church Leaders			               seldom	 occasionally      almost always 
  Government Leaders			        seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Parents and family dynamics		 seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  God’s call on my life 			        seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Discovering the meaning of life		 seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  World hunger				        seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  The USA				               seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Peace for Jerusalem			        seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Maturing in Christ			        seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Receiving Spiritual Gifts			 seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Thanking God				        seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Adoring Him with Praise		        seldom	 occasionally      almost always
  Daily chat like, “God could you help me find my keys?” “Will You please remind me 
    to do my homework?”  “Please help me avoid my next meltdown.”
               seldom	 occasionally      almost always
9.	My prayers are usually
  Not answered			  
  Not answered exactly when I want them answered
  Always answered		  
  Always heard, not answered the way I want 
  Answered 25% of the time	  
  Answered in ways I don’t expect
  Answered 50% of the time	  
  Answered 100% of the time by faith in God’s love for me

10.	I want my prayer-life
  To be less about getting answers and more about hanging out with God.
  To be constant – no wavering – totally hooked up with the Lord – 24/7
  To have signs and wonders, miracles like we read about in the Bible
  To be short and sweet
  I don’t know what I want for a prayer life because I’m not sure of the available options

11.	What time of the day is the very best time for you to have quality time with the Lord?
  Morning	  Afternoon		  Evening 		  Middle of the night      Other  

12.	After praying I often feel
  Like I’ve fulfilled my duty	 25% of the times	 50%	      75%	 100%
  Uplifted				 25% of the times	 50%	      75%	 100%
  It depends on how my relationship with the Lord is progressing.
  It depends on what God wants to talk to me about, and if I’m cooperating. 
  It depends on what I want to talk to God about, and if He’s cooperating! 

Prayerfully answer the following questions:  
        a.  What did you learn about yourself through this short discovery survey?
        b.  What do you hope to learn in this class?
        c.  What is your one big question you’d love to ask God about prayer? 
        d.  Have you ever had God speak to you to you?
        e.  How did that happen? 
        f.  Did you hear an audible voice?
        g. Being that Jesus said that we could pray in His name and get anything we ask for, 
              why do we not receive everything we request of HIm? 	

Do you believe this study of prayer can change your walk with God?   Please explain how your answer works, and back your answer with a biblical truth.  You may quote Scripture.   

Do you believe this study of prayer can change the quality of your life?  If your answer is yes, explain how prayer would make your life better.

Do you believe this study of prayer can change your eternal rewards, which are promised to believers throughout Scripture? The answer to this one needs explanation as well.