Jn. 14:22-23 “…How will you manifest yourself to us…?   Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.”


Isaiah 56


  1. 1. Who’s the “owner?”

  1. 2.  What is Michelangelo saying through his portrayal of Adam’s posture compared to God’s posture in his painting on the Sistine Chapel?  

  1. 3.  What is one of the main purposes for our existence?

  1. 4. “There was a man who came from ____________, whose name was John” (Jn. 1:6).

5.  Where are you coming from?  In other words, what or who is influencing you these days?

6.  List three Bible characters that came from the presence of God.

  1. 7.  Do people have a choice as to how close they’d like to be in relationship with the Lord?

8.  How is prayer more than words?

9.  Love is invasive.  T     F

10.  How can you know what the love of your life is?

  1. 11. Although the love of God is toward all people, He seems to have had some disciples who were closer to Him than others.  This remain true in this Twenty-first Century as well.   T     F

12.  Which words best define the followers of Jesus Christ?

    a) crazy   

    b) adventurous

    c) passionate   

  1. d)in love

e) all of the above

13.  To be as mature as Jesus Christ means that we will most like experience being loved, and hated and His followers have been loved and hated throughout the ages of Christianity.  T     F

14.  The theme of “Prayer - Walking And Talking With God” is Christian _________________.

    a) happiness             b.  blessings   

    c.  communication    d. maturity



  1. 1.  Make a list of the top five things that you think about the most. 

  1. 2.  Which one of the five topics occupies your mind and conversations the most?   Are these thoughts distractions from the true supreme goal of life - fellowship with the Lord?  Are these thoughts simply part of the expected challenges that build character as they compete for our attention and love?   

  1. 3.  Have you ever felt an evil presence?  Describe it and your reaction. 

  1. 4.  Have you ever felt the presence of God?  Describe the event, impression and it’s lasting affect. 

  1. 5.  Who do you talk with the most and why?  What does this reveal?

  1. 6.  Spiritual maturity looks like a lot of fun and adventure with loads of grace to do the Lord’s work.  Spiritual maturity also looks painful when we read about the lives of great Bible characters and Christians throughout church history.  How do you feel about coming into your spiritual maturity and the challenges of such a journey?


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